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With HitTrax, players can track their improvements and performance trends after each HitTrax session or over any time period. Statistics that are recorded during sessions can also be immediately printed and emailed to players in order to increase their engagement and analytical knowledge about the sport and their playing capabilities.

HitTrax is a great tool for coaches and instructors to use with their teams/players. The system also offers a gaming mode mode that calls balls and strikes and has virtual fielders that will turn realistic plays such as double plays and sacrifice flies. We can now have simulated games, home run derby contests, tournaments, hitting leagues and Quality Hit contests to help keep players at the top of their game all year long!

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You can come in with friends and play a game, have a home run derby, or just do batting practice.

Enhance your training by using HitTrax to track your improvement in exit velocity over time!

HitTrax also offers a great experience for parties, corporate events, date night, and BYOB nights with your friends (adults only, of course!)


All distances shown are using a "distance boost" for entertainment purposes only. Distance boost is not available for use in training mode.